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Provider of design, steel structure and architecture erection for civil and industrial buildings, IMSAT also integrates static and dynamic industrial equipment, installs industrial lines, assembles and commissions technological installations, process equipment or utility installations.

IMSAT supplies complete solutions for process piping or utility piping installations (design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and maintenance).

Market Segments

Industry: Cement and construction materials, Automotive, Syderurgy, Aluminium, Chemical&Petrochemical, Glass


We deliver the best technical solutions in the field of low and medium voltage electrical installations for industrial and civil projects: transformer stations, power and distribution systems, back-up systems (generators, UPS), lighting, electrical drives.

Our teams develop, design and install any type of new electrical installations, provide maintenance and propose optimizations for existing installations.

Industrial Process and Automations

IMSAT provides design and integrates complete automation solutions for the control and monitoring of industrial production processes. IMSAT is capable of automating the production processes adapted to all types of industries, using the most advanced process control systems or SCADA solutions available.

The company offers reliable and scalable technical solutions to our clients through software development, hardware design for processes, industrial communication networks, configuration processes for instrumentation.

Low voltage

We have the expertise and necessary competence to design and integrate safety and warning systems: burglar alarm, access control, closed-circuit television, voice-data transmission networks, intercom and video intercom, public address, fire detection, alarm and extinguishing.

IMSAT proposes independent configuration processes to our clients or the integration of these systems into BMS (Building Management System) solutions.


We design and install high-performance ventilation, heating or air conditioning systems, tailored to production, storage or comfort requirements.

IMSAT calculates, sizes and commissions the optimal HVAC equipment, and offers modern solutions for clients in various market segments.

Official partner, integrator and distributor of

Integration of Robotic Systems

IMSAT offers turn-key projects, from feasibility studies, prototyping, design and installation (mechanical and electrical) to programming, commissioning and maintenance.

We propose state-of-the-art industrial robotic systems providing competitiveness and modernizing factories with more efficient automated industrial processes.

Market Segments

Industry: Automotive, Electronic, Food, Plastic, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Glass




Transport Infrastructure



IMSAT is a recognized leader in a wide range of sectors in the industrial market, from production of cement and construction materials to siderurgy and metallurgy, from automotive industry to oil&gas industry, including the sector of fast moving consumer goods and food industry.

We follow our clients wherever they need us, locally or worldwide, and we offer complete feasibility studies, design, engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

IMSAT provides services which make the transition from traditional industry to modern and connected industry 4.0 become a reality. By integrating industrial robots or collaborative robots, predictive maintenance services, connected items (IoT), we offer technical solutions optimizing efficiency and productivity, while improving the operators’ working conditions at the same time.

Building Infrastructure

Whether we offer our integrated services as a general contractor or split into technical lots, IMSAT is a constant presence, well positioned in the market of logistic parks, industrial buildings and facilities, hospitals, office buildings and shopping malls.

We design and integrate low and medium voltage installations, weak currents installations, air conditioning systems, fire detection and protection installations, BMS systems.

Our teams use the new technologies (3D scan and BIM) to design all installation systems in a building, having as a direct result a better efficiency in project execution.

Transport Infrastructure

Whether we talk about electrical power supply systems (substations and catenary), signalling systems, traffic automation and management, telecommunications, lighting, or indoor installations, IMSAT holds an active role in transport infrastructure projects: railway, metro, surface transportation. The experience we have acquired and the capacity to provide turn-key projects position us as a leader in this market segment.


We are a development partner in this market segment, hold the necessary experience and skills to provide the highest level of quality in all the stages of a project, from design and installation, to commissioning and maintenance for all types of energy: conventional (thermal, oil&gas), nuclear and renewable (hydro, solar, and wind power).


Based on an industrial know-how built up in decades, IMSAT  has defined a work method common for all our project managers. This method, developed in line with the current trends in project management, allows us to optimize the operational aspects and offer a unique but very complex portfolio of services to each of our clients. Closely monitoring the project ensures that each stage of it, from planning and preparation of working instruments to commissioning and beyond, is done within the assumed parameters and the deadlines defined in the project schedule.


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