IMSAT committed to permanently improve the business performance, observing during its operations the principles of durable development and social responsibility, as well as the principles regarding health of the employees, and quality of products and services provided.

In this respect we apply high health, safety and environment standards throughout all the activities. By the IMSAT policy we are bound to observe all legal regulations, to improve ourselves in the areas covered and offer the highest performance level to our clients, authorities and other stakeholders.   

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Zero AccidentS

our top priority


Safety is our main value and it is entirely integrated in our operational activity. 

We committed to reach the objective ‘Zero Accidents’ and permanently initiate actions with our employees in order to make sure it remains our top priority.

For IMSAT anticipating risks is made by implementing specific means, adapted to the specific project, as well as through prevention and acknowledgement campaigns.  

Our safety policy is coordinated by a department dedicated to this task and is implemented by safety officers in all our sites.


IMSAT  constantly supports through the corporate governance practices the values of honesty, integrity, risk management and loyalty.

The main axes of the conduct regulations are:

  • Respecting the rights of the employees
  • Respecting competition rules
  • Respecting laws against corruption
  • Prevention of conflicts of interest
  • Respecting the environment, occupational safety and quality

IMSAT  has in place a set of regulations regarding compliance and an alerting mechanism through which can be notified by employees or external collaborators situations presumed as potential non compliances with the regulations. Alerts can be sent to the following coordinates: 

Phone:   +40 21 316 66 00



IMSAT is permanently monitored by regulation authorities and they conduct periodic assessments, in order to guarantee the constant fulfillment of the conditions implied.  

The authorisations and certifications held by IMSAT certify our range of services from engineering to startup and maintenance, guarantee the quality of the services provided and proves our constant care to the client and the environment.

Choice of the most suitable solutions and provision of the highest service quality level are confirmed by the certificates granted to IMSAT by producers and authorities.