IMSAT SA – Romanian subsidiary of the French Group SNEF – is a company firmly committed to an equitable, viable and sustainable development, having the permanent will to reconcile economic logic, the respect for the human being and the protection of the environment.

In order to implement this sustainable development approach, we have chosen to comply with the requirements of SA 8000:2014 international standard within the Quality – Environment – Occupational Health and Safety – Social Accountability Integrated Management System, based on the following principles:

1. Human Rights

The companies of Groupe SNEF promote and observe the protection of the international right concerning human rights, as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2. Labour Standards

2.1. Child Labour

IMSAT SA understands not to use the labour of persons before the minimum required age based on national laws and the ILO Conventions nos. 138 and 182, being understood that the highest age of these references shall be taken into account. The commitment of suppliers and subcontractors to this policy is a selection criterion.

2.2. Use of Forced Labour

IMSAT SA condemns and forbids the use of forced or compulsory labour, including detainees labour, as they are defined in the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions nos. 29 and 105. The commitment of suppliers and subcontractors to this policy is a selection criterion.

2.3. Health, Safety and Working Conditions

The improvement of employees’ health, safety and working conditions is a priority objective for IMSAT SA.

The safety policy regarding people and installations within Groupe SNEF relies on a simple and pragmatic approach: information, responsibilization and prevention. It is based on several convictions: the level of professionalism induces performance in this field, prevention is a culture that is developed and made permanent by each and every one of us, accidents are avoidable by and for each and every one.

IMSAT SA undertakes to follow this policy by implementing efficient programmes and action plans to prevent possible labour incidents and accidents or occupational diseases.

2.4. Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

IMSAT SA recognizes the right of employees and employers to establish, adhere to and constitute organizations of their choice without previous authorization, as well as the right to collective bargaining, freely and independently, according to the ILO Convention no. 98.

IMSAT SA reaffirms its commitment to the strict observance of union freedom, in terms of adhesion and union responsibility, according to the principles established by the ILO Convention no. 87.

2.5. Discrimination

All the companies of Groupe SNEF ensure equality as regards the access to labour, remuneration, training or career development, irrespective of race, nationality, origin, caste, religion, gender, age, political and union allegiance, social origin, sexual orientation or any conditions that might generate discrimination, according to the ILO Convention no. 111. This policy must contribute to human and cultural diversity in the various entities of the Group.

IMSAT SA also acts in favour of people in need, to facilitate access to jobs for disadvantaged persons and integrate them in the society.

2.6.Disciplinary Practices

IMSAT SA treats its entire staff with dignity and respect, the use of corporal punishment, mental or psychic coercion or verbal abuse of employees is not practiced or tolerated. Brutal or inhumane treatment is not allowed.

2.7. Working Hours

According to the ILO Convention no. 14, IMSAT SA observes the applicable laws, the Collective Labour Contract and industrial standards regarding working hours, pauses and legal holidays. The company guarantees its employees a period of rest comprising at least one day off for every period of six consecutive working days.

According to the Collective Labour Contract, the right to a paid annual leave is effectively granted to employees, and overtime is done on a voluntary basis and does not exceed 12 hours per week.

2.8. Remuneration

IMSAT SA recognizes the principle of a correct remuneration of work according to the prescriptions of the ILO Convention no. 100 on equal remuneration for work of equal value and observes the national regulations on minimum wage and the right of the employees to a subsistence wage.

The wages and structure of benefits as well as the overtime remuneration are regulated by the Collective Labour Contract.

3. Environment

IMSAT SA has implemented an environmental management system according to ISO 9001:2015, which requires more responsibility in terms of environmental protection, reducing the consumption of fuel, energy, water and other resources, efficient practices for waste recovery and reuse/elimination, preventing environment pollution and providing observance of applicable legal and regulatory requirements at all times.

4. Commitment by Suppliers and Subcontractors

IMSAT SA informs its own suppliers and subcontractors about the content of the present Declaration and invites them to consider the opportunity of adopting it.

It also encourages the introduction and implementation of international standards regarding the management of environment, occupational health and safety, social responsibility and the equivalent principles in their companies, to develop programmes aiming to ensure a sustainable development of the company.

The effective adoption of these principles is a favourable fundament for long-lasting cooperation and partnership relations.

In my quality of General Manager, I pledge to allot all the necessary resources to maintain, develop and permanently improve this policy, making sure that it is communicated, understood and enforced by the entire staff, while also being available for all stakeholders through the web site


Bucharest, 31.01.2018

                                                                    General Manager,

                                                                        Ligia IONESCU