Established in 1962, IMSAT employs more than 1100 people.

The areas of expertise within IMSAT are: mechanical engineering and erection, electrical engineering and erection, industrial process, industrial shelters, HVAC, security systems, telecommunications.

The services offered by IMSAT are: engineering, fabrication, equipment purchase, erection, tests and commissioning, maintenance and project management. 

IMSAT offers the services mentioned above for the following markets: industry, tertiary, telecommunications, transport.

Having a wide international presence, IMSAT is a company capable of meeting the requirements of the clients worldwide. 

The close relationship with SNEF Groupe from France led to a long term relationship (currently SNEF is main shareholder of IMSAT) and the two companies have complementary activity areas.

Key figures

  • Breakdown of turnover by industry

Brief history

1962 - Establishment

Establishment of the company, as IMIA (the Company for Automation Installation).The core business was electrical systems installation for the industrial capabilities Romania started to build.

1962-1989 - National and international development

Development of nationwide network.A part of the company’s activity was carried out abroad, mainly in the Middle East (Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt), but also in Cuba, Libya, Eastern Germany, Pakistan, Turkey, Ukraine, India, China, the Czech Republic.

1993 - New activity - Security Systems

IMSAT is the first company installing security systems in Romania.

1994 - New activity: data-voice transmission systems

IMSAT brings the data-voice transmission systems in Romania for the first time.sist.sec

1995 - New activity: systems for railways

IMSAT enters a new market by training 30 people for design and erection of systems for railways, in the Polytechnics University, Bucharest.

tren1  sina1

1997 - New activity: infrastructure for mobile telecommunications

IMSAT enters the market of infrastructure for mobile telecommunications. Since then we designed and installed over 800 sites.

gsm1 gsm2

1998 - New market: cement industry

IMSAT comes back in the cement industry, by buying two specialized companies and thus diversifying the activity. From this moment on IMSAT can provide, beside electrical and automation systems – services for process, mechanical design and erection, steel structures design and erection.

kenia1 hondurasmic

2000 - New market: containerized control rooms

Following an international bidding, where companies from 4 countries attended, IMSAT signs with General Electric a frame contract for the production of containerized control rooms for gas turbines. 


2002 - New market: automotive industry

IMSAT performs first projects in automotive industry, at Dacia-Renault Piteşti plant in Romania, as subcontractor for Geico, member of  Comau group


2005 - New market: glass industry; metallurgy

The first contracts in glass industry (Saint Gobain Călăraşi, Romania) and metallurgic industry (Cuprom)

Diversification of activity by buying Contrasimex, manufacturer of steel containers. IMSAT integrated this way the production of control rooms for turbines to around 80%


2006 - Opening of new agencies abroad

IMSAT opens agencies in South Africa, Italy, France and the Republic of Moldova

2007 - IMSAT enters SNEF group

SNEF Groupe from France buys 51% of the share capital of IMSAT

sigla SNEF

2012 - 50 years from establishment

IMSAT celebrates 50 years of activity


2015 - the history goes on