IMSAT heads to Euro 60 mln. business, supported by contracts from Brazil to Russia


The company specialized in industrial installations and automation, controlled by French group SNEF, aims for this year Euro 57 mln. business, an increase of 13%, to be supported especially by projects abroad, from Brazil and USA, to Poland and Russia.


Established in 1962 and majority stock held by SNEF since 2007, an industrial group with turnover of over Euro 900 mln., IMSAT is specialized in mechanical engineering and erection, electrical installations and telecom infrastructure. The export accounts more than 50% of company’s business, carried out actually on 4 continents, through projects in painting systems and electrical works for automotive plants in Brazil, USA and Europe.


Over 60% of the business is made for industrial clients, and the cement sector is one of the traditional clients, also for SNEF group, who owns in Romania an engineering company dedicated to cement industry, with Euro 7.3 mln. turnover in 2013.


„The contribution of cement business in the turnover varies from one year to another. Four years ago we had a project in Latvia, where more companies from the group participated, on a total of Euro 50 mln. Euro, out of which IMSAT had Euro 24 mln. Then, the cement industry decreased and contracts accounted for Euro 7-8 mln. per year”, Marius Doru, Marketing manager of IMSAT stated.


Today the company makes the design, delivery, and mechanical erection for the new line of Holcim Volsk cement plant, in the South of European Russia, known as an important center in cement fabrication.


On the local market IMSAT was involved in the past at the upgrade for the cement plants held by the main players, namely Holcim, Lafarge and CarpatCement. The first two players decided to merge, but in order the transaction to receive the green light, Lafarge will sell the plants in Romania, on the list are two cement plants, a milling workshop and more concrete batch plants. The merger could bring new opportunities for companies such as IMSAT, on the condition the new owner of the Lafarge plants to have a generous investment budget.


„We are involved in the cement industry in upgrade projects, which mean mostly energy consumption reduction. Because of the energy prices soar, the high energy consumer industries will invest in consumption optimization, by using latest technologies, with higher energy efficiency as compared to older ones. “, Doru also mentioned.



Another merger


Other important clients to IMSAT are the American group General Electric, for which the company supplies control rooms for gas turbines, and the French group Schneider Electric, which buys from Romania complete containerized substations. Both are manufactured by IMSAT at the Giurgiu plant and reach the projects the two clients have worldwide.


General Electric reached an agreement with the group Alstom and the French state to takeover a part of the energy activities of Alstom, including the gas turbines production, giving up the railways signaling operations. The deal will not affect IMSAT’s business, who also works for Alstom for the upgrade of a hydro-power plant in Haiti, the company responsible mentioned.


„For the time being we don’t have clear signals that some projects could stop, but who knows? In mergers, generally strategies change, but we are not necessarily affected. Moreover, we received a message from Alstom everything is going normal.“